How to pay with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a very secure and fast payment method. There are various ways to buy Bitcoins.

The easiest ways to buy Bitcoins depends on your country. The following websites offer easy access to Bitcoin:

Middle East:
Europe and North America:
Asia or China:

There is LocalBitcoins which you can use anywhere in the world, but it is more work and sometimes requires local face-to-face trading.

Always get a bit more Bitcoin than you need, since fluctuations in currency can change the value of your Bitcoin. Additionally, a low amount (up to US$ 1) is needed for fees.

After you have successfully purchased your Bitcoins, go to our store and choose your desired package. Click on "Buy now". Select Bitcoin as your payment method. Copy the Bitcoin address and amount and go to the website where you have purchased your Bitcoin. Paste the Bitcoin address and amount and click on send. Make sure to always send the EXACT amount, otherwise your payment may not get processed and you need to contact support.

Upon receipt of your Bitcoin payment, it may take anywhere between 1 to 60 minutes to confirm your payment.

If you have trouble purchasing any Bitcoins, you may also try to use one of our resellers and choose a more comfortable payment method for you.

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