At Ashworld Manor, the Haunted Carriage spawns each Tuesday and Saturday at 12 p.M., 8 o'clock at night and 10 p.M. (primarily based to your nearby server time). To keep away from missing your shot, it is usually recommended that you arrive on the manor as a minimum 10-15 mins early; however, that is greater of a standard advice than a strict requirement. In any case, so long as you are inside close proximity to the teach, you should see an on-display set off letting you realize that the occasion is ready to start and asking you in case you would like to take part.

While the Spooky Carriage brings forth, it will observe a pre-laid out path to its inevitable objective. Again, you could truely meet the Haunted Carriage on its way to its destination or watch for it at the final stop, however it's higher to comply with the carriage because it movements alongside than to only take part in a small portion of the occasion. Here's a map of the carriage's direction through the vicinity, courtesy of Wowhead, for your reference: once you have located the carriage, it's time to take part within the event itself.

Guards will occasionally assault the Haunted Carriage as it moves alongside its distinct path. The skulls on the map above show wherein the ones guards are positioned. Although the exact vicinity in their spawning may vary, you'll generally come across them in that widespread location.

Even though the guards aren't very hard, particularly if you're in this occasion with different gamers, they may be a great supply of gold and tools drops. To take part in as lots of those protect fights as possible, it's miles generally encouraged which you observe the carriage alongside its complete direction.
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