Dear all,

if you are Jailbreak user and facing 10 min banned , stick with your version till it get updated rather than trying to go for non jail broken version. Also try to use ESP only for the current time with everything else is off. DO NOT MIX THE HACK WITH ANYTHING ELSE AS IT WILL DAMAGE ALOT OF THINGS, if you bought a key it will work on 1 version only . so from begining you chose Jail break or non jail break

if you are non jailbreak user, you are safe for now and keep playing with caution.

please note moving from jailbreak to non jailbreak version will cause alot of issue and you might still get the 10 min banned. If you want to try the non jail break version bring new device with new apple ID and new Cheto registration name on forums. then follow this guide :

Update will be in less than 24 H for jailbreak version , not guranteed though