Hello, okay okay i know you don't want to add no recoil for safety reasons, but at least add something like other hacks that will allow us to control the compensation for the aimbot, the problem is the aimbot keeps shooting only above the player head, and when i use the gyroscope or my fingers to lower the aim i can't the aimbot is more powerful and keeps shooting all the bullets above the enemy's head, the only weapon that can be used is (DP), other weapons we can't use it.

Please i know that you are a reseller, contact the developer and tell them this problem, at least add something that allow is to control the aimbot, like SharpShooter, for example if see that the aimbot aim only above the enemy's head, i use the slider to compensate a littel bit and i make it shot lower until i find my way.

Thank you


@Sophia Please don't add any features that is risky/high ban risk double down on what works.


just disable the aimbot and that's it :) by the way you are cheating that's mean you will be banned soon :) no matter what you are using even if you are the developer of the hack you will be banned, so don't try to make it like there is no ban at all