yes bro you right earlier if cheto ever get to know that there people are getting ban they simply disable the cheto but now what it seems to me like they dont care only they want money and which is true . i am using cheto from april never get ban but from last 1-2 updates i getting 10 minutes ban continously on jailbreak which mean something problem on there end . However i tried switching back to non jb and i killed 10-15 to check if i get 10min ban or not but i didnt get it so its a problem with jailbreak ipa of cheto ..



We have just released a new update for PUBGM Global with security improvements. You can update via Cydia, download the .ipa or you can ask your reseller.

Download (Global version 1948):

Dear brother recently i updated my pubg one the new update and after the update my game is not opening and there is no new update for cheto to support the new update 1.0 pubg mobile