# 1⚠️
"Device Limit Reached"
User account has been opened or subscribed to multiple devices, the system of the site allows only one device to connect. You need to dock by opening a technical support ticket or contacting the dealer who sold the code.

# 2⚠️
"Error redeeming the key!"
The subscriber must open his account on the Cheto site and go
to (Control Panel) then click on the Create New Code button and copy the new authentication code and paste it into the entry box inside the game.

# 3⚠️
"Auth error: 2"
version of the game used is outdated and must be updated to overcome this error.


"Auth error 106"
mobile internet error or game with network speed check.

# 5⚠️
"Hack not loading"
In the event that the hack does not work after downloading it from Source Distributor, the following tools should be deleted (if any):
HideJB, Choicy, Tweaks Manager, Liberty Lite, FlyJB, KernBypass, Shadow & A-Bypass, then try again.

# 6⚠️
"Your subscription has expired"
if your subscription has not already ended,
apply the solution found in Error # 2.

the version is outdated