These are the errors and solutions you might face while using Cheto

"Device Limit Reached"
User account was opened on many devices. You are only allowed to use key on one device. You need to reset your ket buy submitting a support ticket ot contacting the reseller. .

"Error redeeming the key!"
You should open your account on and head to dashboard. The generate a new auth key. Paste it in the window shown in PUBG.

"Auth error: 2"
The version you have is old and you must update it.

"Auth error 106"
Error in network or game. Check your internet connection.

"Hack not loading"
In this case if cheto doesn't open after installing then you should make sure you do not have the following apps installed such as hideJB, Choicy, KernBypass, Shadow and A-Bypass.

"Your subscription has expired"
If your subscription is not expired, then apply solution in Error #2.