if you are still spending money buying cheto keys even after reading people are gettting ban and that cheto is not safe, you are a fool at 40, these guys are charging us 60$ or more to buy hack that will give you ban in two days. and the devs aint saying nothing even though so many people accounts got banned recently. dont buy cheto anymore. let them go fuck themselves scammers.

Best answer

We apologize for the inconvenience. However, we always advise against using Cheto (and hacks/cheats in general) on accounts that you do not want to lose.
I would like to kindly refer you to our FAQ: https://www.cheto.io/en/support/faq/12/is-the-pubg-mobile-hack-safe-can-i-get-banned-from-using-it

Please use Cheto only on trash accounts until further notice.

We are working hard to find the issue to provide you with the best possible service again in the near future. Thanks so much for your patience, soon you will be able to enjoy Cheto as usual!